Tenant Safety For Landlords

One of the most important things for landlords is to ensure that they provide tenants with safe rental accommodation. However, providing tenants with safe rental accommodation isn’t a single task, it is a wide range of tasks. Therefore, it is reasonable for landlords to seek assistance in providing a safe standard of rental property, and we are here to provide tenant safety tips for landlords.

You must comply with gas safety checks and certification

If the rental property has a gas supply, landlords are legally required to arrange a gas safety inspection every year. Tenants should be provided with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate annually. Only a qualified engineer can carry out these inspections and any repairs.

Electrical safety checks are on the way

As of July 2020, landlords will be required to arrange electrical safety checks for their rental property. This move has been welcomed by many in the letting industry, with some professionals believing the treatment of electrical safety has lagged behind gas safety.

Many landlords already undertake a good standard of electrical safety in their rental property, but formalising the process will be of benefit for the industry, landlords and tenants.

Plugs and Sockets (Safety) Regulations 1994 for landlords

This regulation may not be the most widely discussed, but it is important landlords comply with the process. The regulation states that any adapters, plugs or sockets supplied to rental property should comply with the required current standard.

Also, live and neutral pins should be part-insulated to minimise the likelihood of shocks when removing plugs from their sockets. Also, all plugs should be pre-wired.

Fire safety checks are important for landlords

Rental properties must contain fire alarms, and if required, carbon monoxide detectors. Landlords looking to follow best practice guidelines will often provide a fire extinguisher for their rental property.

A smoke alarm should be present on every floor of the rental property. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in every room where there is a solid fuel-burning device.

Landlords should review the rental property to ensure escape routes are kept clear and are accessible. Tenants should be informed of these routes, and should be advised to keep these passageways clear.

Landlords should also ensure that all furniture and furnishings supplied to the rental property are “fire safe” items. There should be a label which states the item complies with fire safety regulations.

It is also advisable for landlords to review their insurance policies, and make sure the rental property is covered. Landlords should also talk with tenants and detail their need to have protection in place for their time in the rental property.

We know being a landlord is tough, but our experience and expertise ensures we can help you care for your tenants and your rental property. If you have any questions about ensuring you offer a safe rental property, please get in touch.

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