Four Reasons to Inspect Your Property

While there is a lot of things landlords need to take care of when managing their rental property, carrying out regular inspections is crucial. If this is a task you are uncomfortable with, or you would prefer to leave to a professional, we are more than happy to undertake this role for you. At SC Property Management, we are pleased to provide a range of services.

We are happy to provide you with four reasons to inspect your rental property.

Some landlords don’t visit their properties once they’re let, either because they don’t want to disturb the new tenants or because they can’t be bothered, but you really should try to swing by once every few months.

By carrying out inspections, you show tenants you care

It is helpful to develop a positive working relationship with your tenants. By carrying out routine inspections, enquiring after them and making sure they are happy with the rental property, you will make them feel at home.

A tenant who feels valued and settled is far more likely to stay for longer in your rental property. This will in turn reduce the likelihood of void periods, which is something all landlords should be looking to achieve.

Reviewing the property ensures you know who is living there

One of the problems that landlords need to keep on top of is subletting of rental property. Given the demand for rental property, it is easy to see why some tenants choose to sublet rental property, generating income on the back of hard work undertaken by the landlord.

Even if the tenant isn’t subletting for financial gain, if they allow friends or family members to stay rent-free, this may contravene the rental agreement. At the very least, it may create more problems in the rental property, which causes problems for landlords in the long-term.

You can also use the inspection process to determine if the tenant has a pet in the rental property. If having a pet contravenes the tenancy agreement, landlords have cause for complaint with the tenant.

Reviewing the property allows you to look for maintenance issues

Landlords are advises to take care of problems as quickly as possible. Hopefully, your tenant will inform you of problems that arise at the rental property, but this may not the case. Therefore, by carrying out property inspections, you can look for maintenance issues which need to be undertaken.

Responding to maintenance issues quickly and effectively saves money in the long-term, and keeps tenants happy.

Your insurance policy may require regular checks

Landlords are advised to review the terms of their insurance policy. Some policies require landlords to inspect properties on a regular basis, and a failure to so can invalidate their insurance cover.

If you are a landlord and looking for property management tips and guidance, please contact SC Property Management today. We have a wide range of services aimed at helping you manage your property and enjoy success as a landlord.